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Finding Pattern, Defining Pattern

Created for a print-based exhibit showcasing print is indeed not dead either it be digital, silkscreen, lithography and so forth. Second, this exhibit was over the theme of pattern, either it be by process or content.

Destroying the idea of pattern both visually and conceptual,
I connected that chaos with the theme of human habits and our current unconscious marketing-saturated behavior. Point-straight, as most artists already know, reusing, saving and finding other purposes for "trash" can indeed be fun, effective and plain old common sense, rather than simply disposing everything automatically.

This was part of a student print exhibit in the Devries Gallery at Western Michigan University, This was a self-initiated personal project.


Reuse Your Surroundings

Expand. Save. And. Recreate. Recycling and composting activities have already prevented about 64 million tuns of material from ending up in landfills and incinerators since 1999. Will you join the revolution?


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