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AIGA Communicate Postcard Project & Exhibit


My postcard was centered about the concept of
controlled communication through our increasingly
corrupt and misleading mainstream media. I was finishing
my Communication Minor degree, which lead to this
content. My postcard was more personally driven with
the headline stating "you are your own media".

Emphasizing trusting yourself to seek the truth rather
than believing everything you hear on the newspaper,
radio, television or internet.

On the back of the postcard is a short story about how other countries especially in Europe politically handle
corrupt media conglomerates. In some cases the local government has the power to shut down the company after proving the mis-use or deglutition of information to its' people. In America, the one thing that keeps our rights also allows companies to continue their corrosive power:
the Constitution.



This was a project hosted by our small AIGA student chapter at Western Michigan University. The goal was to somehow start connecting all the student chapters together throughout Michigan. Being this the first attempt we kept the project small by creating an open-ended project by submitting postcards to our chapter. The theme was "communicate". Even though it started very slowly, we finally gained momentum with postcards flowing in from countless design students. The following semester after gathering and organizing the postcards, we hosted an exhibit showcasing the next feat of designers in Michigan.

The exhibit played off the old game of twine and tin cans as communication devices. Connecting the twine from one city to another, we hung the individual postcards off the swooping twine lines.

The identity to the right is by Paul Rand. Still true to this day, its' representation has a higher standard and relevance than the current organization's identity.


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