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StruckAxiom Followup


An bold 36x24 inch poster followup to an interview
at StruckAxiom. I used a quirky reference of Bart from the Simspons, stating my optimism & energy for the position with a friendly reminder of my anti-eating shorts policy.
I personified one of StruckAxiom's octopus icons with
a more Bart Simspon personality.





The bottom credits state:

The corniest poster of all time. Copyright 2011.
All righst reserved. Printed and rolled in Portland Oregon. IBSN 8103342480.

No part of this poster publication may be reproduced, destroyed or stored in a flat file including but not limited
to any electronic transmissions, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without first obtaining written, signed
and hand-shook permission by the copyright owner and/
or commander.

Author, publisher, printer, designer, production, editor, project manager, assistant, typesetting & associate:
Robert Lowell Huston.




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