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Wicked Fashions Inc. Website

Repositioning the web presence of Wicked Fashions Incorporated under one website that showcases their entire four sister companies. Before this, each sister company had their own website with completely different visual presentations. A grid structure was designed so each sister company could still have their own personality within the overall website.

My role was mostly the pre-production work on all the sites' images. I paid close attention to silhouetting the figures because the website has a zoom and move feature built in, where the detailed outline could be seen. I researched and developed concepts for the flash interaction and navigation as well as flash examples and technical specifications for the programmers.

Be aware: within the last several years, Wicked Fashions has shut down two of their sister companies, showcasing trouble. So the website right now is not maintained as it was when designed, so please don't actually visit it.




I worked closely with the programmers, who were overseas. I created detailed specifications to followup the template PSDs, organization of all photography assists as well as demonstrations/ examples of rollover effects.

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