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Wolf Marketing Group


This was an identity for a short-lived marketing group here in Portland headed by Matt Wolf. He was later hired by Nike. During these mockups, this is the identity chosen as the cohesive answer to a more contemporary direction.

The direction was influenced by the idea of a group. Groups consist of at least three more members. Taking that into account, many ideas revolved around three elements together (a "group"), the triangle (three sides) or a circle (classical reference to a group aka round table).

This final mockup embraces all three ideas into one. It also has an awkward stance/ composition to it stating a bold "We're not afraid to think outside the circle."






Since Matt worked heavily with web analytics, I focused on a more scientific and analytical appearance with data nuggets as squares. I also explored the reference to a "wolf" with another concept referencing the fangs of a wolf. Not only the identity circle mark but also the word-mark could work separately while conveying the same message.

The other two include some hand-drawn concepts as well as a more cooperate appearance by merging the letterforms together.


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